EN 13659:2004 represents the main European norm concerning shutters ( “Shutters - Performance requisitions including security” ). This rule defines the main performance and security requirements of shutters like exterior venetian blinds, rolling shutters, rolling blinds and so on. It mainly certifies the requirement of wind resistance, that is how much the shutter can resist to special loads which simulate wind action (both positive or negative wind pressure).


As a guarantee of its aluminium profiles, SIPAR has relied on the qualified institute CSI in order to make the wind resistance test on its foamed and extruded profiles according to the European norm EN13659:2004 and A1:2008

As for extruded profiles, SIPAR offers to its customers aluminium profiles whose painting process is in conformity with QUALICOAT and QUALITAL certificates.

The alloys used for the aluminium extruded profiles are 6063 and 6060.
As for coating, all aluminium extruded profiles are treated under Qualicoat standards, in particular they are all SEASIDE CLASS treated in order to guarantee a major resistance to corrosion for finished products installed by the sea.